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My Twin Vanished: Did Yours? | The Vanishing Twin Crisis

By Dr. Brent Babcock


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What others had to say:

Great Book! I seem to get a few patients who scoff at the idea, but I give them your book and they come back with “WOW!”

Scott Sessions, D.C., Wyoming

Dr. Brent’s new book, “My Twin Vanished: Did Yours?” is awesome! … This book is a must read and a blessing to have for our patients. It’s full of scientific background information, stories from patients, and offers support for patients who may have experienced the possible loss of a vanishing twin. … BRAVO — Dr. Brent — for a supremely written book that’s going to help a great deal people.

Deb Walker, D.C., Co-founder of NET

Dr. Babcock,
I just finished reading your book — great job! I’m recommending it to my patients, for sure. I have to admit, I did have some trepidation heading into some of the parts where you mention homosexuality, etc., because I guess I’ve been conditioned to expect that Christians tend to want to attempt to “fix” homosexuals. I was relieved that you did not imply that a little NET could turn a gay person straight. (I am a transgendered NET practitioner, and I have come across some folks who thought that they could make me “normal” with some NET.)
Anyway… yes, not surprisingly, I, too, had a vanishing twin — a male, which would explain that little testosterone surge in utero which is linked with female-to-male transgenderism. And I have thought about the gay link to vanishing twins as well, especially when I think of how it’s SO much more prevalent in the gay community to see couples who look and dress almost exactly alike. It’s actually a stereotype!

Again, kudos on the book | Dr. M K, San Francisco, CA

Dear Dr. Babcock,
YYEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So glad to receive your book. I know how much work, time; energy and sweat went into writing it. Man, I am confident this is going to be a best seller, in addition to helping millions of people finally understand the reason why they feel and act the way they do. I am reading the book now. Very cool.
Keep up the great work and thanks again,

Dr. M T, Florida

Dearest Dr. Babcock
Thank you so much for what you have accomplished with your book. I’m only on page 26, but I am so moved not only because of the content, your ability to write and convey this important piece of the puzzle for so many but also because in the beginning you expressed what it was like for you to have this drive for all of these years to complete this. I’ve been working on something right now for six years that I couldn’t give up and have recently crashed and burned on it. It’s quite devastating. Hmmm… maybe twin stuff? I don’t know. But those few passages you wrote about that aspect meant so much to me. Thanks again so much. I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

Love, RLM, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dr. Brent Babcock
I’ve read your book that you sent. I find it very informative and fascinating. How does anyone survive without NET? I will give this book to my husband to read on his next trip.

BKB, Utah

My Dearest Brent:
I just wanted to let you know that I received your book today…yes and thank you. I held it to my heart and began to cry. I am so grateful to have this work in my life. Thank you for giving so much to the world…
Best Wishes for a Best Seller,

Dr. AT, New Zealand

The day the books arrived at the clinic. July 2009
The day the books arrived at the clinic. July 2009
Checking all the pages just to make sure it is really done.
Checking all the pages just to make sure it is really done.
Eagles 09_3197_edited-1
Here they are for the world to read, learn and heal.
Here they are for the world to read, learn and heal.

Book signing in San Diego California 2009 at the NET Success Gathering of the Eagles.

The joy of sharing the gift of healing to a VT survivor in Montreal, Canada.
Another book signing experience with another author in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Nancy Segal with Dr. Babcock attending a Twinless Conference.
A VT survivor happy to receive her copy of My Twin Vanished at a Twinless Twin dinner.