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Dr. Babcock lecturing.

Dr. Brent Babcock has spoken throughout the world explaining the Vanishing Twin. Starting with how twins are created and ending with suggestions of how to cope with the death of a twin, he will use videos, music, past and current research concerning the Vanished Twin. The presentation is both lecture and discussion. He will share his life story and pose the questions of who, why his twin vanished. There will be hope given and several resources to begin the healing

He has lectured in London, Paris, Montreal, Dublin and across the United States. Brent has cared for hundreds of Vanishing Twin survivors. He is a popular Speaker at Twinless Twin Conferences.

Previous Presentations

The Twinless Twin – Understanding and Recovery

This Event offered a comprehensive exploration of the latest research and clinical findings on the Womb Twin Survivor and related phenomena, real-life accounts from Survivors, details of the range of support and healing approaches available, books and general information about Womb Twin Survivors from a panel of International and National Experts.

As heard on the Tubridy show: Discussion on the Twinless Twin.

Conference venue: All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin
Topics included:

Adult Womb Twin Survivors
Parents of young Womb Twin Survivors
Members and Associates of Womb Twin
Therapists with Womb Twin Survivors among their Clients
Doctors, Nurses and Midwives
Psychologists interested in Womb Twin Survivors
Psychology Research Students
Anyone interested in the physical and psychological effects of prenatal experiences is invited to attend.